Author: Jamie Carlton

August 27, 2021
by Jamie Carlton

Is Your Organization Considering Mandating the COVID Vaccine for Employees? What You Need to Know.

Earlier this month, The Department of Veterans Affairs announced it will soon mandate that all health care providers and personnel be fully vaccinated against COVID-19….

May 7, 2021
by Jamie Carlton

COVID Reopening: Can (and should) Oregon Employers Require Employees to be Vaccinated?

As businesses reopen and bring back employees who have been working remotely, many employers are wondering how to manage worksite safety in the pandemic era….

December 27, 2020
by Jamie Carlton

FFCRA Leave not Extended under New Stimulus Bill

Earlier this year, Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) which required covered employers to provide eligible employees with paid leave for specific…

February 28, 2014
by Jamie Carlton

Join me at the ADA FMLA Employer Work Group March 6th

Kaiser Permanente and DMEC are partnering up and sponsoring an employer work group in response to continuing questions regarding ADA and family leave.  This will…

November 4, 2013
by Jamie Carlton

Join me for a ADA FMLA Employer Work Group hosted by Kaiser

Mike Moses of Kaiser and I will be moderating an ADA/FMLA roundtable event to answer some of your questions.  This is a roundtable forum, which…

August 8, 2013
by Jamie Carlton

ARU threatens to overturn Oregon closures where job analysis not sent to claimant

To determine the extent of disability for the purposes of claim closure, OAR 436-030-0020 requires insurers mail of an accurate job description to claimants prior…

July 3, 2013
by Jamie Carlton

Join me for a ADA FMLA Roundtable hosted by Kaiser

Mike Moses of Kaiser and I will be moderating an ADA/FMLA roundtable event to answer your ADA/FMLA questions.  This is a roundtable forum, which allows employers to…

November 20, 2012
by Jamie Carlton

Oregon Court of Appeals Issues Favorable New Course and Scope Decision

In a recent decision, Schultz v. SAIF Corp., A148840, the Court held that even where a worker is primarily motivated to attend a social event…

November 6, 2012
by Jamie Carlton

ADA/FMLA Employer Work Group

We hope to see you Thursday, November 8th at the Kaiser & DMEC Oregon/SW Washington ADA FMLA Employer Work Group.  Rebecca Watkins and I are…

October 24, 2012
by Jamie Carlton

Dr. Makker Surrenders Medical License

By the terms of a stipulated Order with the Oregon Medical Board, Dr. V. James Makker has agreed to surrender his Oregon medical license.  The…

August 30, 2012
by Jamie Carlton

EEOC Update

In April 2012, the EEOC issued updated enforcement guidance on employer use of arrest and conviction records in hiring decisions.  This comes on the heels…

August 20, 2012
by Jamie Carlton

Wage Claims at a Record Setting High

Reports indicate the number of wage claims filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act is at an all time high.  Last year, there were approximately…

June 18, 2012
by Jamie Carlton

Court of Appeals Upholds Right to Apportion Permanent Disability Awards at Closure

In a new PPD case, Schleiss v. SAIF Corp., the Oregon Court of Appeals upheld an insurer’s right to apportion permanent disability awards.  Claimant was…

May 24, 2012
by Jamie Carlton

Join me at the DMEC Employer Work Group on May 30th

On May 30th I will be a facilitator at the ADA/FMLA Employer Work Group lunch session.  This is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente & DMEC Oregon/SW Washington.  This is an opportunity for…