The SBH Firm Philosophy

Client service matters – it is the core of our business and the reason why SBH Legal was founded in the first place. We have a strong commitment to our working relationship with you – which is reflected both in our approach to our clients and our staff. We have developed the SBH Service Philosophy to reflect this commitment – a commitment to Excellence, Expertise, Integrity, Responsiveness and Accessibility.


We will deliver. Whether legal opinions, documents, litigation or arbitration – SBH will produce a level of excellence you can count on. We will also provide excellent guidance – when the law is unclear, we will say so and will give the best legal guidance in every situation. When invited to do so, we will look forward to providing counsel on issues that are not strictly legal in nature because we understand the “big picture” of business.


We will find a solution. SBH will provide the expertise and the experience to meet your legal needs. We carefully monitor all new developments in Employment, Workers’ Compensation, Longshore and OSHA laws so that we can keep you ahead of the game. We maintain detailed computer data and library information, as well as active participation in continuing legal education and industry activities to ensure our expertise is up-to-date and rock-solid.


We lead by example. At SBH we understand that we are a reflection of your organization. Our attorneys and every member of our staff approach all projects with enthusiastic professionalism and integrity. If there is a potential conflict between our work for you and that of another client, we will bring it to your attention quickly and with a plan of action. You will find our billing system honest, fair, organized and user-friendly.


We respond quickly – and reliably. We understand the importance of result-oriented business. You can count on our work to be delivered on time, easy to understand and of the highest quality.


We are reachable. SBH understands that business – especially crisis – does not always occur between the hours of 8AM and 5PM. You can reach us when you need us. You will have access to us via direct line phone numbers, cell phones, email and weekend/after hours numbers as well.