Located in downtown Portland in "Big Pink"
We can handle your Longshore claims.
We represent both self-insured and state-fund employers in Washington.
Our attorneys travel through The Gorge and all across Oregon and Washington to represent our clients.
Our attorneys handle cases throughout the Pacific Northwest.
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Workers’ Compensation & Longshore

We represent employers, insurers and related parties in all matters related to workers’ compensation in Oregon and Washington.  We defend claims under the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. [More about Longshore]


We believe employers want their attorneys to possess superior litigation skills and be accessible to provide targeted advice and training to prevent everyday issues from becoming lawsuits. [More about Employment]


We help clients understand and implement OSHA standards. We represent employers in several western states, across the spectrum of industry—from construction and heavy industry to retail companies. [More about OSHA]

General Litigation

We have a highly-qualified group of litigation lawyers who provide a full spectrum of litigation services in addition to our employment litigation defense specialty.  [More about General Litigation]

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