SBH Legal was established in 1996 as a small, focused firm, committed to providing employers and insurers with expert solutions to workplace issues and offering specialized training opportunities specifically designed to inform and protect the interests of our clients.

The founding partners of SBH emerged from among Oregon’s largest and most well-established law firms. Deborah Sather, Bruce Byerly and Ron Holloway were well established professionally. However, each felt that the focus on billable hours, soaring overhead costs and the inefficiencies of an overgrown bureaucracy had interfered with their practice of law – their goal was to restore direct and undiluted relationships with their clients.

Today, our core values continue to include knowledge, responsiveness and leadership –pursued with uncompromising integrity. Our strength lies in our diversity. More than a dozen attorneys hail from a wide range of locales and professional and educational backgrounds. Each is uniquely equipped to coach and defend employers both large and small on cases ranging from general employment matters to OSHA, workers’ compensation and Longshore claims. They are supported by a professional paralegal and secretarial staff to ensure timely, seamless and cost-effective services. Our commitment to mastering the latest technological advances ensures our accessibility to our clients, in addition to efficiency of time and resources, both financial and environmental.

We take pride in our ability to solve complex legal problems and save our clients’ funds and hard-earned reputations. Clients are encouraged to collaborate; we want to know about you and your business. Your “big picture” matters, and we can help you to realize it through the assistance of attorneys who frequently lecture on relevant topics and are familiar with the judges and recent decisions that may impact your case.

Working with clients directly is the reason we began practicing law. Our goal continues to be creating a firm large enough to have the resources to meet the sophisticated needs of our clients, yet small enough to maintain a personal connection. SBH was founded with a “clients first” mission in mind, and we have carefully constructed both the practice and the staff to reflect our mission.

Simply stated, we saw a chance to do things differently — to do them better — and we jumped at it. We trust you will be pleased that we did.