Author: David White

March 10, 2021
by David White

The Pacific Northwest Worker: Subjectivity of the Traveling Employee

Given their proximity to each other, workers’ in Oregon and Washington often find themselves traveling to/from both states as part of their jobs. Both Oregon…

November 11, 2020
by David White

Oregon Court of Appeals Expands on Supreme Court’s Holding in Caren in Robinette v. SAIF

Last year, in Caren v. Providence Health System Oregon the Oregon Supreme Court held that without a preclosure combined condition denial employers must pay the…

July 1, 2020
by David White

Washington State Announces 2020 COLA Increase; Affects Temporary Disability Payments Starting July 1st

Under RCW 51.32.075 temporary disability benefits are recalculated July 1st of each year to reflect changes in the states average wage. According to the Washington…

November 2, 2018
by David White

Sather Byerly & Holloway, LLP is excited to announce its Workers’ Compensation Online Certification Program for claims examiners, employers, insurance brokers, and medical providers or…

January 20, 2017
by David White

Changes to Oregon rules regarding Employer/Insurer Coverage Responsibility effective as of January 1, 2017

OAR 436-050 governs the responsibility of employers and insurers to provide workers’ compensation coverage to subject workers for compensable injuries and illnesses. Many changes to…

April 1, 2016
by David White

Workers’ Compensation Board confirms permanent impairment is awarded based on accepted conditions or their direct medical sequelae; distinguishes recent Court of Appeals case.

The Workers’ Compensation Board recently ruled that permanent impairment awarded based on the accepted conditions and their direct medical sequelae.  See William Snyder, 68 Van…