Author: Courtney Kreutz

July 27, 2023
by Courtney Kreutz

Denying an Oregon Claim Based on an IME? Read This!

At this point, you can probably issue a claim denial in your sleep. You know the denial must state the factual and legal reasons for…

February 9, 2023
by Courtney Kreutz

ARU and MRT Electronic Uploads – Oregon WCD Expands Use of its Portal

Unlike the portal utilized by the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board, the Workers’ Compensation Division’s portal had very limited use – it allowed insurers and self-insured…

July 6, 2022
by Courtney Kreutz

Rising Gas Prices Warrant Increase in Mile Reimbursement Rate in Oregon

The Oregon Workers Compensation Division issued a Revised Bulletin No. 112 and an updated Form 3921 (Request for Reimbursement of Expenses), to address increasing gas…