Author: Courtney Kreutz

January 16, 2024
by Courtney Kreutz

Ensuring Temporary Disability Benefits Issue Timely in Oregon

Whether an insurer timely paid temporary disability benefits in Oregon is one of the most heavily litigated issues in workers’ compensation. Late-payments create exposure for…

July 27, 2023
by Courtney Kreutz

Denying an Oregon Claim Based on an IME? Read This!

At this point, you can probably issue a claim denial in your sleep. You know the denial must state the factual and legal reasons for…

February 9, 2023
by Courtney Kreutz

ARU and MRT Electronic Uploads – Oregon WCD Expands Use of its Portal

Unlike the portal utilized by the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board, the Workers’ Compensation Division’s portal had very limited use – it allowed insurers and self-insured…

July 6, 2022
by Courtney Kreutz

Rising Gas Prices Warrant Increase in Mile Reimbursement Rate in Oregon

The Oregon Workers Compensation Division issued a Revised Bulletin No. 112 and an updated Form 3921 (Request for Reimbursement of Expenses), to address increasing gas…