February 9, 2023
by Courtney Kreutz

ARU and MRT Electronic Uploads – Oregon WCD Expands Use of its Portal

Unlike the portal utilized by the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board, the Workers’ Compensation Division’s portal had very limited use – it allowed insurers and self-insured employers to upload their annual audit and report of loss information. In recognition that these times are a-changin,’ the WCD has now expanded the use of its portal to allow the electronic upload of documents related to disputes before the Appellate Review Unit and Medical Resolution Team. Electronic uploads represent a quick and cost-effective option to comply with record demands of the ARU and MRT. The ability to utilize the portal is currently limited to insurers and self-insured employers with portal accounts. In other words, defense counsel do not have independent access to the portal to assist with document uploads. However, an insurer/self-insured employer can add “users” to an account, which (presumably) includes defense firms.

The WCD recognizes that defense firms frequently assist in responding to MRT and ARU demands. However, due to the time and costs associated with expanding the portal’s platform, it opted to limit access to insurers and self-insurers for now. The WCD encourages insurers, self-insured employers, and defense counsel over the next several months to provide feedback including whether they would like to  include defense firm access. SBH Legal will do its part to have this further expansion of the WCD’s portal use. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 503-412-3116.

Posted by: Courtney Kreutz