Author: Zachary Goldberg-Johns

May 21, 2024
by Zachary Goldberg-Johns

Normally Reasonable: Transferring Attending Providers in Washington Workers’ Compensation Claim

Claimant’s attending physician plays an important role in assisting claimant’s return to their job of injury. Their attentiveness and skill as a provider often dictate…

August 24, 2023
by Zachary Goldberg-Johns

What Decision? Washington requirements on Communication and Mailing.

RCW 51.52.060 sets forth the Department’s rules regarding the timeline to appeal a decision. It explains that any party (with the exception of certain enumerated…

February 15, 2023
by Zachary Goldberg-Johns

No Doctor, No Problem? Rule 904 & Washington State Claims

There are many reasons, despite the best efforts of adjusters, adjudicators, and attorneys, that a workers compensation claim may take a while to resolve. Long…