May 3, 2013
by Stephen Verotsky

Wednesday May 8, 2012 WCCA Luncheon – Work Disability: Strategies for Securing a Release or Return to Regular Work

Stephen VerotskyInjured workers have become more aggressive and creative in their pursuit of work disability awards because there is a lot of money at stake.   If there is permanent impairment and an employer is unable to establish the worker was released or returned to “regular work,” then the worker is entitled to an enhanced award.   A work disability award can result in a significant increase in permanent disability benefits.  These work disability awards can and often do exceed $25,000.  

Work disability disputes focus on an injured worker’s regular job at the time of injury.  The process of defining regular job duties is not easy.  It starts with a written job description but should not end there.  During the May 8th Luncheon, I will help you identify the pitfalls and traps that come with defining regular work.   I will discuss effective strategies for working with employers, injured workers, medical providers and vocational experts to obtain the evidence you need to avoid work disability awards.  

Although some injuries will inevitably result in work disability awards, there are also many cases where work disability awards can be avoided.  Join me on May 8th for a discussion of these work disability issues.  For additional registration information go to  If you are unable to attend and would like more information on the topic or have a case you would like to discuss, then please call or email me.  Email: ;  Phone:  503-595-2136.