March 10, 2012
by Krishna Balasubramani

Welcome to the new SBH Blog

Krishna BalasubramaniThe world of employment and workers’ compensation law is ever changing.  The changes are not predictable and it does not make sense to wait until the next quarterly newsletter to update our clients.  Blogs are a perfect way for SBH attorneys to communicate regarding important new legal issues, case law development, industry development and happenings at SBH.  You can access the blog in many different ways including through an RSS feed, emails, or a twitter feed.  You can limit the information so that you only receive updates on certain topics.  This way, you get exactly what you want, when you want it and the way you want it.  Some will wait for a printed newsletter, others want the information emailed, some will review it on an iPad at home and others will quickly review the information on a smart phone while commuting (not while driving, of course).  We think this will be an easy and informative way for you to stay abreast of current events and issues.