April 16, 2015
by Kevin Anderson

SBH Attorneys Present at WCCA Spring Conference

Kevin AndersonBy Kevin Anderson

I had the pleasure of presenting with my colleague Rebecca Watkins and Sheri Sundstrom from Hoffman Construction at the WCCA conference regarding the new claim closure rules from the WCD. For those of you unable to attend, themost important changes are that the attending physician must address the accepted conditions, direct medical sequela, and now any condition directly resulting from the injury when determining medically stationary status and closing information. Another important change is if the injury results in permanent impairment, then you can only apportion impairment to a preexisting condition if it qualifies as a preexisting condition the Workers’ Compensation Statute. Note that if the injury does not result in any impairment, then there is nothing to apportion and the cause of the impairment does not need to qualify as a preexisting condition.


There are many other important changes with the new rules, so please do not hesitate to contact me at or regarding these rule changes or any other claim closure issues.