May 4, 2022
by Kevin Anderson

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board Reopening to the Public

After two years of telephonic and video hearings, the Oregon Workers Compensation Board is reopening to the public and starting to set in-person hearings and mediations. The roll out will be gradual and the WCB will still be taking health and safety precautions for all in person events.

Hearings set May 1 to July 31

  • The default will remain telephonic
  • The parties can request video hearings as we have been doing
  • The parties can now request in person hearings by submitting the request to the assigned judge instead of a centralized process

Hearings set August 1 and forward

  • The default will be in person events unless the case was already determined to proceed in a different manner
  • Telephonic and video hearings remain an option and will be addressed by the judge assigned to the case
  • The new hearing notices will state how the hearings are to be conducted

The requests for in-person events are still somewhat dependent on where the event will be (staffed or unstaffed offices). The WCB will continue to use air filters, plexiglass, extra cleaning, and other procedures to maintain a safe environments. Face masks will be optional.

If you have any questions on how the reopening will affect your case, please contact me at or you can find additional information on the WCB’s website here.

Posted by Kevin Anderson.