October 8, 2015
by Aaron Bass

Judge Denies Class-Certification for SBH Client

aaron bassAttorneys Aaron Bass and Rebecca Watkins have been vigorously defending a class-action lawsuit filed in Washington since June 2012.  The lawsuit, following a national trend and filed on behalf of over 100 Registered Nurses, alleged unpaid wages for missed meal and rest breaks.  Though many similar wage-and-hour suits against employers around the state and the country are subject to class certification, Aaron and Rebecca argued the individualized circumstances of different RNs in different departments on different shifts with different managers and patient duties meant class treatment was not appropriate.  This well-crafted defense convinced the Superior Court to deny class certification.

The impact of the ruling is significant, both for this case and for hospitals and other employers throughout the State of Washington.  Particularly in the health care industry, a similar job title does not mean all employees can be treated similarly for litigating concerns over breaks and meal periods.

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