Bruce Byerly

New Washington Department of Labor & Industries Pension Review Process

To make more efficient use of pension adjudicators’ time, the Department has developed new procedures that went into effect 4-23-12. There is a new Pension Review Coversheet that must be submitted with all requests. See attached Review Coversheet and Department Guidelines. New Process for Self-Insured Pension Reviews Pension Review Coversheet

In Washington – New DLI Requirement

The department, workers, and providers often receive correspondence from self-insured employers or their third party administrators that doesn’t include the department’s (L&I) claim number. Many self-insured employers assign their own claim number and don’t include the L&I claim number on correspondence about the claim. Failure to include the L&I claim number has resulted in delays, confusion and additional administrative expenses for the department, injured workers, and medical providers. The department let the self-insured community know on 1/15/12 about the department’s plans to begin issuing penalties for claim related communication that both: Originates from the self-insured employer or their third party administrator Does not include the L&I claim number. In addition to the L&I claim number,… Continue reading