Workers’ Compensation – Oregon

SBH Bi-monthly Attorney Meeting

Every attorney at SBH Legal is licensed to practice in Oregon, and our representation of employers, insurers and related parties is enhanced by our active involvement in the legal community. For several years, a SBH Legal attorney has served on the WCB Executive Board. Our clients benefit from our familiarity and our strong working relationships with WCB Judges, board members and other administrative officials.

Our experience is broadened during bi-monthly roundtable discussions, where our attorneys brainstorm cases and discuss legalities, politics and relevant information regarding judges, doctors, IME panels and medical procedures. The wisdom of six attorneys who have been in practice for over 25 years combined with the innovative ideas of the younger set guarantees that we all benefit from frequent collaboration, and our clients reap the rewards. In addition to proficiency with all standard legal research tools, our experienced staff has developed our own intranet research base of workers’ compensation cases, which is actively maintained and updated every 14 days.

We routinely offer training programs and workshops that are customized for each client’s specific needs. Our goal is to work with you to prevent litigation, reach timely and advantageous resolution for cases in litigation and to reduce financial exposure.

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