June 30, 2021
by Randi Ensley

Oregon OSHA Issues Temporary Rules Repealing Mask and Distancing Requirements

Randi EnsleyOn June 25, 2021, Governor Brown issued an Executive Order stating Oregon would lift its mask mandates, capacity limits, and social distancing guidelines effective June 30, 2021. Oregon employers must also comply with the COVID-19-related rules imposed by the Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), which include Oregon OSHA’s own face covering and social distancing requirements.

Today, Oregon OSHA adopted a temporary rule which lifts these requirements for Oregon workplaces, except in transit and healthcare settings. The temporary rule can be found here and the appendices to the rule can be found here.

  • Employers are no longer required to implement physical distancing. Employers who wish to evaluate their workplaces to determine how they can keep their employees safe and healthy are encouraged to contact Oregon OSHA Consultation Services.
  • Employers are no longer required to ensure that individuals at the workplace wear a mask, face covering, or face shield. If an employee chooses to wear a mask, face shield, or face covering even when it is not required, the employer must allow them to do so.
  • Cleaning requirements; ventilation maintenance and evaluation; exposure risk assessment requirements; infection control plan requirements; employee information and training requirements; and COVID-19 infection notification requirements all remain in place.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact me at or 503-595-6112.

Posted by Randi Ensley.